Wednesday, January 18, 2012

HaPpY Birthday Dawson!!!

HaPpY HAPpY Birthday Dawson!!!

My # two son Dawson turns 11 today!!! He is a happy, sensitive, smart, creative, funny, BOUNCY, loving boy! I am SO grateful that we have him in our family!

This is SUCH a crazy week, that birthday has no choice but to happen on Sunday... 4 whole days from now!!! AUGH!!! So, while we were all here this morning, we gave Dawson his birthday gifts. We decided to have his friends over on Saturday, and do the family party on Sunday. So Dawson will be "King" for the week!!

I made this Birthday Crown for "King Dawson" today.... I thought it turned out nice! I found the templates here. Here are the directions to make:

Cut 2~ crown template (one or two colors)
Sew together around the top & bottom edges.
Embellish with embroidery or decorative stitches on your sewing machine.
Cut different size circles, and age of child out of felt.
Embellish away!!!
I was able to sew Dawson's name onto the felt, and add that as well.
Measure elastic, and sew at the ends of the crown.

Hint: I just tacked on the name & age so I can change them out for another year/child! :O)



  1. Ok, that's awesome! I would have LOVED to make something like this for Bray this year. Maybe next year. =)

    1. Yea, I saw one on a blog a while back, and just remembered it today as I was feeling bad the birthday had to be postponed.... Made me feel better! Haha! Don't know about Dawson! :O)