Saturday, January 14, 2012


Oil Painting 101

I don't know why, but I have been SO nervous to put brush to canvas! Worried I would ruin the canvas, do it wrong, mess up the sketch, and a million other reasons! So finally today, I dove in head first. I squeezed the paint onto the palette, and began to mix. EEK! Hopefully, I did at least SOMETHING right! I felt like I was faking it the whole time!

Well, after an hour or so, this is what I came up with:

Not bad, I guess....

Then I started having fun with the camera! Hahaha! ADD strikes again! :O)

Playin' Around

This last week, London & Darby went to the local opera house, and tried out for the play "Dear Edwina". They both did GREAT! I was SO proud of them!! Then we had to wait for the dreaded phone call...


The director called the next day and said that Darby would have a part! YaY!!! London was just a bit too young... :( We went to our first practice, and Darby was given her part. She desperately wanted a SOLO, and she would have ROCKED IT!!! {little diva!}

But alas... she, being young & small of stature, got a small roll with a one line solo. There were tears.... OH, there were tears!!! But this morning is a new day! She is memorizing her lines, and annoying all of us by playing the soundtrack over and over! Apparently our little pep~talk last night worked! Thank heavens!

That's her... The sassy little one on the front row! {striking a pose!}

Yea, I'm in the photo too... My singing group, "The Mixed Nuts" (don't ask!), has been asked to help with some of the back~up/chorus vocals. So I guess we're in this together!

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